Luigi Paolo Cappelli comes from the school of great masters and has had notable experience as a tailor both in Rome and in Florence where he now resides. He worked under the master tailor Vladimiro Mealli. His artistic creations are up to date and conform to

each client perfectly. At the age of 6, Luigi Cappelli had already started his learning process in this marvellous profession in the fascinating region of Salento full of culture and tradition. In very little time, following all of the rules, he was able to make a pair of pants. After a short while, he had also learned how to make blazers by hand. Soon he had made men’s suits and has continued on in the same manner as we can see in his atelier in Florence.

At the age of 18, with a strong will and even stronger professional development, Luigi decided to move to Rome, to the famous Via Veneto where he worked in a famous tailor’s studio which was frequented by notable personalities from the world of politics and film and theatre.

He worked very hard and dedicated himself completely to his art and made the best of the best for such famous personalities as the actor Marcello Mastroianni as well as the singer Charles Aznavour.

In 1982 he moved to Florence and worked under Master Tailor Vladimiro Mealli where he learned the secrets that go into the perfect tailoring of the fitted jacket only using the best and softest fabrics of the highest quality.

In the meantime, he began to participate in sartorial competitions at the Academy of Tailors where he learned the tradition of cutting fabric from Master Armando Di Preta who was the honorary president of the Academy.

In 1984, at the age of 25, he opened his very own Atelier near the Ponte Vecchio where his personal tailoring style began to be known. His list of clients grew to include various Italian and International sectors for example Presidents of Businesses, personalities from the world of sport, cinema and culture. Many people try to imitate his style and his name becomes well known. He has continued this tradition in the tailoring of trousers in which he is an expert. His line is elegant, easy to wear and has a young feel to it. It is a line of trousers which is admired by clients of all ages.

He has participated in various international exhibitions and has won many awards.
In 1986 he wins the Quirino Theater in Rome, in 1991 The Golden Thimble award, in 1995 he was the First Place winner in the Giuseppe Mancini concourse of Perugia and in the same year he was a participant on the Rai 1 Television program Numero Uno, conducted by Pippo Baudo, in which he won the silver scissor award live on TV and was able to show the meticulous work and craftsmanship that goes into his creations. He has also been classified in the golden scissor awards many times.
In 1997 he took First place in the Almicare Minnucci (founder of the Academy for Tailor’s) Award Ceremony, one of the most cherished awards for a tailor.
He created a coat for Patrizia Gucci who is the fourth generation of the Gucci family, daughter of Paolo Gucci and granddaughter of Guccio Gucci the founder of the Gucci empire.